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Calvin Hairstyle is the spellcheck suggested stage name of Kevin Hurstell--card carrying member of the bands Frozen Bears, Slobot, Otasco, and Whisky Dogs.


Recently, in the wake of my band, Slobot, I began playing solo shows, garnering acclaim from my girlfriend and a few members of a couple of the bands I opened for. With success on the horizon, I knew I now needed to protect my true identity from the crushing weight of my impending celebrity.

So I went shopping for an alter ego that would help me sell the "sizzle" to my body of work's "steak", and that would also make a convenient scapegoat for my future misdeeds.

Who would be MY Ziggy Stardust, my Slim Shady, my Luke the Chris Gaines?

It turned out all I needed to do was what my computer had been hinting to me all my life, via the spell checker on Wordperfect 6's suggested correction of my given name, highlighted on every paper I ever wrote for school.

Kevin Hurstell
1. Calvin
2. Hairstyle

Ok, computer!


music, comedy, cooking, psychology, politics, songwriting, gardening at night