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January 22, 2009


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Are y'all actually his number 15 album of the year, since he starts with 101?


No, there are two other installments where he covers 50-100, 1-50.



Well, it was my number one album of '08, honey!


Congrats on getting on Chuck Eddy's mad list. He has an interesting take on music in general.


That he does, bernhard. I read "Accidental Evolution of Rock N Roll" about 10 years ago. I came away thinking I had the exact opposite view of music as he did. Very left-brained. He sort of follows music like a taxonomist, or like a baseball stats nut. But I liked it, probably b/c I hadn't realized how much I was also like that at that time.

My opinion of his critical skills has recently skyrocketed.

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