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February 04, 2009


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I woke up with it in my head!


OMG! I dig the story of this pop hit, I love the guitar--it reminds me of that comp I told you about, 60s Cambodian garage rock.
You can make the jump in the post with the little button above the body of the post in compose mode, it looks like a page breaking, then it inserts a dotted line that can only be seen in compose.


Leash-thanks, sweetie! Although I think it was b/c I held your jambox up to your ear, with the song on repeat while you were sleeping last night.

Cokane-thanks, & thanks for the typepad help. I need to hear that comp at some point. I used the button that looks like a page breaking, and it put a dotted line with "extended entry" in the middle across my page. Do I have to be in edit html mode? Am I using the wrong button? What's happening to me? Where did I come from?


What brand of guitar did you use on this track?

Interesting organic chaos to end the track. Nice background vox by...yourself.


I am a very lucky boy in that my Dad bought a Gibson ES 335 back in '67, then put it in a closet until I dragged it out when I was 15 and just learning to play. I used it on all three guitar tracks. One of those I ran through my Memory Man to get that Leslie/vibrato sound.

That organic chaos you here is just me trying to end a song on drums.

And who better to complement Calvin, than Calvin? Great job, Calvins!


This one's kinda sad, or maybe wistful? I like how the lyrics tell a story, almost as if it could be in a conversation. Never been able to do that.

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